Bongfish Truck Design

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I’ve recently finished up a concept for Bongfish, a studio in Austria. They’re  making a great looking racing game, titled Gauntlet, and they needed a “Dakar Rally” style truck design. This was the result.



Killzone Shadow Fall

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Been a long as time since I posted here: here’s some stuff from working on Killzone Shadow Fall – starting with the ISA dropship – a pleasure to develop…


The below tech sheets were a collaboration with Henrik Bolle -


and an earlier concept…

A hangar bay for the Helghast Space Station

The cities in KZ Shadow Fall are packed with delivery drones, here are a few – once again collaborating with Henrik Bolle


Some 3D mockups for some lab areas in the game


Guerrilla wanted some Building Block benchmark designs to set the visual quality level for the game’s props:


Vekta’s sunny and vibrant city has some more modern and curvy architecture. Collaboration with Floris Didden


Building blocks :) Every virtual world is made up of these fellas :)

And some quick concepts for a petrocite reactor core



Basil Genesis

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I was asked by David Karlak to contribute some mechanical design to a project he is currently masterminding with VFX supervisor Scott Metzger.

I was supplied with a great base mesh which was developed by Minimo, which was in turn based on a great concept by Greg Broadmore. I rebuilt some components (mainly the chest area) to make the design more “real” and extrapolated some of the original design decisions.
The model was taken and used in the actual rendering of the film once it had been resurfaced and UV’d by Wesley Griffith.

The design will be featuring in the short film “Rise” later this year. This scene won’t actually feature in the movie, but shows a little bit of the universe’s background.  Hope you like, and keep your eyes peeled for more news on the project later this year!